Dog Rescued From Plastic Jug

Posted: Nov 1, 2022, 6:18 PM

Judy Stewart's job as head of the Bossier Parish Police Jury's animal control department doesn't usually require her to spend hours chasing a helpless animal through the woods. But, in her words, "You do what you have to do."

Stewart, joined by parish police jury member Glenn Benton, parish Public Works Director Mark Coutee and a private citizen who first reported the situation, trapsed through woods off Berry Rd. to rescue a dog whose head had become stuck inside a hard plastic container.

"He apparently had his head trapped in that thing for several days, judging on his condition," Stewart said. "There was no way for him to eat or drink. I'm surprised he made it until somebody saw him. Naturally he was very frightened and that made him harder to catch."

Rescuers finally managed to herd the pup beside a drainage culvert where Stewart snagged him with a catch pole, and the group eased the plastic off his head. Fortunately, the animal wasn't seriously injured. And, as Stewart learned over the next 24 hours, his appetite hadn't suffered one bit.

"It's amazing how he has filled out so quickly...his ribs were showing when we caught him," she said. "Believe it or not, he went for the food before he drank much water. He's such a friendly little guy, I'm glad he's looking so good so soon."

Next step for the pooch, who Stewart dubbed Jughead "...because it seemed most appropriate..." is to get his photo and information to the public just in case someone is missing a fur friend. Jughead is approximately one year old and appears to be a pit bull/boxer mix with maybe a touch of "variety" thrown in. He's currently residing at the parish shelter, located at the highway department facility in Benton.

"We're going to get him vaccinated in a couple of days then put him on our rescue list," Stewart said. "He'll make someone an excellent companion."

Stewart issued special thanks to those who helped Jughead out of his predicament and into a chance to perhaps find a forever home.

"I really want to thank Mr. Benton and Mr. Coutee for coming out and helping me," she said. "It's not every day I have to chase an animal for four hours and I'm glad I had some really good help."