Board Vacancies

Posted: Jul 7, 2022, 12:32 PM

Vacancies currently exist on the following parish boards and need to be filled by the Bossier Parish Police Jury:

Industrial Development Board of Bossier Parish – two vacancies; Bossier Public Trust Finance Authority Board – one vacancy.

Terms for the Industrial Development Board of Bossier are six year terms and the new appointees will be serving the remainder of the current terms which expire January 27, 2024.

Term for the Bossier Public Trust Financing Authority Board is a four year term which will expire June 30, 2026.

Both the Industrial Development Board of Bossier Parish and the Bossier Public Trust Finance Authority board members serve to administer fiduciary oversight of each entity. Potential new board members must be familiar with the Bossier business climate and hold a high stature in the community.

Besides business integrity, a potential new member needs to be familiar with business operations, budgets, and finance. Both attendance and a general understanding of some historical aspects into the creation of these entities and their purposes are encouraged.

Typically the boards meet bi-annually, unless business needs require additional meetings. These boards have differing duties but serve within the same capacity in the public finance arm of Parish/City activities.

Resumes will be received until the end of business on Wednesday, July 13.

For more information on boards, and to apply for consideration, please contact Rachel D. Hauser, Parish Secretary, Bossier Parish Police Jury at