Site Cleanup Tour

Posted: Jun 23, 2022, 4:55 PM

A tour Tuesday at the site of the former Tronox/Kerr-McGee wood treating facility in Bossier City gave concerned residents and local officials a first-hand look at what's being done to clean up and mitigate surface soil contamination resulting from the wood treatment process.

Work began in February at the site, located on the south side of Green St. at Hamilton Rd., and is expected to continue through August. Officials with Multistate Trust, an independent court appointed trust created to clean up contamination at former Tronox/Kerr-McGee sites, is supervising the cleanup.

Multistate officials pointed out that steps are being taken to minimize risks to residents at the site and to protect their health, safety and security. Equipment used in the work have been muffled to minimize noise and work hours are limited.

Air and dust are routinely monitored to protect residents from exposure to contaminants. Soil removal is primarily on approximately 26 acres east of Hamilton Rd. on the south side of Green St. Another six acres lies west of Hamilton Rd. The site was decommissioned in 1988.

Trucks haul contaminated soil from the site, but those heavy vehicles do not travel Green St. or any other residential street near the site. Prior to beginning soil mitigation, contractors constructed a road to Hamilton Rd. for truck use.

Prior to and following the tour, Multistate Trust officials and contractor representatives took questions from the group of residents and officials.