Bo Lawson Park

Located in Princeton just outside Haughton, Bo Lawson Park is already one of most popular youth facilities in Northwest Louisiana. Its baseball fields are host to local Dixie Youth baseball leagues and has been the site of numerous district and regional tournaments.

In 2015, Bo Lawson featured four baseball fields with limited seating and parking. Today, four news fields have been added on the northern section of the facility and seating has been improved. The parking capability has been extended (complete with designated handicapped spaces) and more permanent seating, including covered areas, has been added.

A concession area, operated by volunteers associated with the baseball league, has been constructed and bathroom facilities have been upgraded. In order to facilitate the bathrooms, the parish police jury connected the Bo Brandon park with the parish’s sewer system.

On the drawing board for the future at Bo Brandon are plans to enlarge the parking area to accommodate the growing number of participants at the park, and to improve seating with more grandstands complete with roofing. Additional bathroom facilities and concessions areas are planned. For safety, additional protective netting along foul lines are being considered.