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Vanceville Rd. bridge delayed


Construction of a new Vanceville Rd. bridge has been delayed until bids can be prepared for a new concrete structure rather than a timber piling supported bridge.

Bossier Parish Engineer Butch Ford said the parish highway department does not have the capacity to construct a concrete bridge and a private contractor will have to be selected through the public bid process.

“We’ll be meeting with structural engineers this week to determine exactly what we’re going to do,” Ford said. “It looks like it will be sometime toward the end of the year before we can complete the project.”

Ford said the results of boring tests performed at the bridge site showed the depth to a solid base was too deep to make timber pilings feasible.  

“The old bridge was settling. The timber pilings were sinking and that’s why we had to close the road,” he said. “A concrete bridge will be safer in this case and it will be able to accommodate much heaver loads.”

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